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ACE22 – AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition

San Antonio, TX · June 12, 2022 — June 15, 2022

ACE provides an opportunity to connect with global water experts in every segment of the water sector. AWWA welcomes the water sector to San Antonio this June for a highly anticipated ACE22, showcasing smart technologies and new programs that address critical issues to protect the world’s most important resource!

We hope to see you at ACE22! Join us at the following presentations, and visit us at the Career Fair on Tuesday, June 14 from 2:00-5:00 PM.

Sunday, June 12

9:45 AM: Data Collection for Model Calibration (PCW04-02) – Eric McLeskey

10:30 AM: Details of Model Calibration (PCW04-04) – Matthew Huang

Monday, June 13

2:00 PM: Back to Square One: Denver’s One Water Blueprint for Collaborative Water Management (MON03-01) – Jessica Fritsche

3:00 PM: Third Party Validation of Artificial Intelligence for Water Reuse (MON10-03) – Kyle Thompson

3:00 PM: SIX and the City…Tampa Meets Suspended Ion Exchange (SIX) on its First Pilot Outside of Europe (MON14-03) – Antony Gibson (Ramboll), Vincent Hart

Tuesday, June 14

8:30 AM: Lightening the Operators Load: Pellet Softening Enhancements for Unattended Operation and Strict Performance Requirements (TUE05-01) – Vincent Hart

8:30 AM: CFD Helps Clear Up Turbidity in Flocculation-Sedimentation Tanks to Improve WTP Resiliency (TUE07-01) – Ed Wicklein

9:00 AM: Utility Guidance for the Monitoring and Management of Cyanobacterial Blooms (TUE14-02) – Faith Kibuye

10:30 AM: Assessing the Vulnerability of Source Waters to Harmful Algal Blooms using AI and Diverse Data (TUE14-05) – Caroline Russell

2:00 PM: Commissioning and Long-Term Operations of Colorado’s Carbon Based Mobile Direct Potable Reuse Trailer (TUE21-02) – Jason Assouline

2:00 PM: Evaluating Sources and Mitigation Strategies for PFAS Across the One Water Spectrum: An Update on WRF 5082 (TUE29-02) – Kyle Thompson

2:30 PM: Real World Experience – How Private Sector DEI Can Make an Impact (TUE37-03) – Ann Casey

3:30 PM: Monitoring Membrane Integrity for Potable Reuse: Correlating Surrogate Organisms with Pathogen Removal (TUE21-05) – Larry Morris (Kubota), Nicola Fontaine

4:00 PM: Lessons in Resiliency: How the City of Salem (Oregon) is Managing Changing Source Water (TUE25-06) – Nicole Williams

Wednesday, June 15

8:30 AM: We Owe the Biology an Apology: Why Headloss Issues Associated with Ozone/Biological Filtration May Not Be Due to the Biology (WED01-01) – Vincent Hart, Melanie Pickett

10:00 AM: Ozone Systems for Water – A New AWWA Standard Helps Those Specifying Ozone Equipment (WED04-04) – Ronald Joost

10:00 AM: The North Miami Beach Utility Transition: Taking Back a Utility During a Pandemic (WED15-01) – Jafeth Baez Rossy

1:30 PM: mRSSCT: Developing Method for Fast Determination of Media Replacement Frequency of A PFAS Treatment System (WED24-01) – Charlie He

3:00 PM: South Jordan PureSoJo Project Introduces DPR to Utah (WED25-04) – Alan Domonoske

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