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One Water Cities: A Self-Assessment Framework (WRF #4969)

Authors: Mazdak Arabi, Sarah Millonig, Harry Zhang, The Water Research Foundation, Inge Wiersema

Water Research Foundation

Monitoring progress can help cities evaluate their One Water strategies, practices, and outcomes against appropriate performance expectations. The recently published “One Water Cities: A Self-Assessment Framework” helps communities track their One Water progress across all levels, from onboarding cities that are just starting to align actions among participating utilities and stakeholders to advancing cities that are further along with One Water implementation and adaptive management. A collaboration between Colorado State University, The Water Research Foundation and Carollo’s Inge Wiersema, the Framework can assist cities as they develop coherent plans to implement integrated social, ecological, and technological strategies. To learn more, please visit:


ARABI, M., G. Macpherson, D. Dezfooli, S. Millonig, J. Bolson, M. Sukop, I. Wiersema, J. Reed, and K. Wamstad. 2021. One Water Cities: Development of Guidance Documents and Assessment Metrics: Literature Review. Project 4969. Denver, CO: The Water Research Foundation.