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Pervasive Plastics

Authors: Erin Andersen, Craig Ashcroft, Michael Luers, Tiffini Adams, Chad Burrell


It’s widely understood that microplastics are prevalent in wastewater, but what can we do to limit their effects?
A recent microplastics study conducted by the Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District in Park City, Utah led to two important findings that can help answer that question. First, existing advanced treatment processes are efficient for microplastics removal, with rates ranging from 73% to 99%. Second, high microplastics concentrations correlated with tourist season, underscoring the importance and efficacy of source control in tandem with treatment.
Featured in WE&T co-authored in part by Carollo’s Erin Andersen and Craig Ashcroft, “Pervasive Plastics” explores this illuminating study and its key takeaways.