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Digital Water Solutions

Advancing your organization with a digital transformation means unlocking your data’s potential to improve operational efficiencies, increase enterprise visibility and empowerment, and proactively respond to a range of future scenarios. Carollo’s digital services and tools are designed to support all your utility needs with scalability, efficiency, and synthesis among systems. No matter if you’re a small utility that’s just begun to digitalize or a large water purveyor looking to advance to the enterprise level, there’s a digital strategy for you.

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Some of our digital water solutions include:
  • Formulized and scalable needs assessments
  • System integration and data management architecture
  • Implementation planning
  • Software and hardware specification, review, evaluation, and selection
  • Ready-to-use and custom applications
  • Digital integration
  • Situational and decision-making intelligence tools
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Getting started with CarolloDIGITAL

A digital transformation is often easier said than done. While most collect data, 50% of water utilities say they are capturing less than half of the data available to them, much of which is siloed without clear direction for its use. For many, selecting optimal software and hardware is an endeavor all its own, no less implementing them with integration. CarolloDIGITAL’s solutions are adaptive so you can build your digital future brick by brick or all at once. The first step is to identify the right on-ramp to your digital journey. Our offerings break down into four categories that meet every level of digital readiness: Digital Advisor, Digital Apps, Digital Integration, and Digital Readiness.

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CarolloDIGITAL gives you control over every aspect of your project so you can transition smoothly between stages, track key metrics, and build protocols that best serve your teams for the long term.
Andy Baldwin, CarolloDIGITAL Water Services Lead
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Digital Advisor

With a strategic plan in place, you’ll know where to target your technology investments and when those expenses are coming up to plan accordingly.

We guide water agencies through the selection and implementation of digital technologies that best suit their organization, facilities, and goals. Our digital water roadmap helps you define specific milestones, clarify the steps and tools you need to achieve them, and understand their implementation timing against your capital planning schedule.

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Digital Apps

To respond effectively in real-time, you require tools that allow various users to extract focused information from a mass of resources.

Carollo’s digital applications turn data into decisions that support the efficient planning, design, construction, and operation of water infrastructure and treatment facilities. In addition to a range of ready-to-use apps that align directly with our core engineering and business advisory services, we build custom apps whose framework and brand conform to your specific use case.

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Digital Integration

Selecting the right commercial software is one thing but implementing and connecting multiple systems is a known technical challenge. Carollo’s digital integration services bring clarity to this process.

We combine digital integration frameworks with cost-effective, web-service-based architecture that supports data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) between multiple applications and data sources. In the process, we build a library of ETL routines and software information to add to your organization’s institutional knowledge.

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Digital Intelligence

Advanced data science garners real-time and predictive insights that help optimize and automate treatment processes as well as forecast demand and supply, infrastructure condition, future capital improvement expenditures, and more.

By utilizing advanced situational and decision-making intelligence tools, we can take risk assessments, planning, and response to the next level, projecting potential failures and facilitating a proactive approach to prevention that provides unparalleled operational control.

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