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Renewable Energy Technologies for Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Public utilities today are faced with increasingly stricter clean-air regulations, rising energy costs, and heightened public awareness surrounding sustainability and environmental stewardship. This is why so many water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) across the country are searching for practical solutions that reduce their facilities’ reliance on fossil fuels, cut costs through the use of alternative energy, and provide climate-friendly, as well as profitable, uses of their biogas.

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Some of our renewable energy projects include:
  • Co-digestion
  • Cogeneration
  • Renewable natural gas
  • Nutrient removal and recovery
South Platte Renew project

Carollo stands at the forefront of on-site energy-generation solutions tailored for the water and wastewater industries. Our experience shows how robust pre-processing, enhanced digestion, and high-efficiency power production using biogas produced in anaerobic digesters can allow wastewater utilities to proactively become energy-neutral while reducing their carbon footprint and cost of service.

In particular, we specialize in planning, designing, and implementing the following innovations:

  • Co-digestion to increase biogas generation.
  • Biogas cogeneration and standby power systems.
  • Facilities using internal combustion engines, turbines, and micro-turbines.
  • Natural gas injection and renewable natural gas (RNG) fueling systems.
  • Power-generation systems using fuel cells.
  • Micro-hydro facilities.

And energy isn’t the only valuable product to be recovered from residuals. Carollo now works with pioneering technologies designed to extract precious minerals such as nitrogen and phosphorus from biosolids waste streams. Recovering and returning these resources to the environment as fertilizer not only extends our limited global phosphorus supply but also supports local agricultural needs.

With our committed support, WRRFs can make good use of their treatment byproducts to operate and power their facilities in a more environmentally conscious, cost-effective, and sustainable way.

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As an industry, we’re in a unique position to help tip the scales of climate change while helping our communities be more sustainable and produce cleaner air. This is what makes our work so rewarding: The ability to not only help save operating costs but also make where we all live a better place.
Tom Mossinger, P.E., Chief Mechanical Engineer
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