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Stormwater Management Systems & Services

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to stormwater management. In addition to typical challenges such as population growth; aging infrastructure; existing, undersized facilities; natural resource protection; and limited resources, our watersheds are increasingly complex due to extreme variations in climate and regulatory constraints. As our industry adapts to these complexities, more and more communities are recognizing that the challenges of flooding, water supply, and water quality can be addressed holistically by adopting a One Water philosophy in which stormwater plays a critical role. Carollo provides creative and grounded solutions.

Our stormwater management services include:
  • Watershed-scale planning
  • Flood control and mitigation
  • Green infrastructure, Low Impact Development, and Best Management Practices
  • Stormwater capture, treatment, and use
Houston skyline and flood

Watershed-scale Planning

Focused on understanding and improving runoff conveyance and quality in the natural and built environment.

Flood Control and Mitigation

Focused on protecting people and property by improving stormwater conveyance in an urban setting.

Green Infrastructure, Low Impact Development, and Best Management Practices

Centered on mimicking pre-development conditions or addressing water quality events using natural systems for stormwater management.

Stormwater Capture, Treatment, and Use

Emphasis on creating water supplies from captured urban runoff.

Multi-benefit projects maximize return on investment

Carollo works with municipalities large and small to develop sustainable stormwater management strategies that protect water quality, reduce risk of flooding, provide human uses of water, and maintain the natural hydrologic cycle to the extent possible. Our watershed-based approach recognizes the complex interdependencies of the water cycle. Our projects incorporate low-impact development, green infrastructure, and best management practices to improve stormwater quality, as well as cost-effective and innovative solutions for flooding challenges.

Los Angeles MacArthur Park
When it comes to water management, everything is interconnected. Our holistic approach enables clients to address flooding challenges, while maximizing water quality, water supply, and community benefits, as well as their return on investment.
Heather Harris, P.E., Stormwater Services Lead
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Watershed opportunities

Each project has specific challenges that must be integrated within the larger watershed and urban landscape.

Stormwater Innovative Tools

Innovative tools

Carollo employs innovative tools, datasets, and analytics to optimize stormwater management solutions, all of which can be tailored to specific project and client needs.

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