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Asset Management

Asset management is crucial for water and wastewater utilities to minimize infrastructure lifecycle costs, manage risk effectively, and meet level of service targets. While commonly practiced across the sector, the depth and structure of asset management strategies can vary greatly among utilities. Carollo helps our clients prioritize decisions and investments through an enterprise approach that balances short- and long-term goals and needs alongside current and future risks, as well as the availability of financial and material resources.

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Some of our asset management services include:
  • Condition assessment (field assessment, data collection, desktop modeling)
  • Asset management program development and implementation
  • ISO 55000 gap assessments
  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Support for software evaluations / implementation
  • Risk-based decision support for capital planning
  • Digital Water: data monitoring, integration, and reporting dashboards
  • Infrastructure improvement and replacement plan

Asset management is not a product or a tool, it’s a way of doing business.

All utility organizations implement asset management techniques, but they do so at differing levels of rigor and structure. The most sustainable asset management practices are embedded into the organizational culture, empowering utilities to adapt to changing staff and economic conditions. Our approach fosters utility-wide engagement from leadership to planning, and engineering to operations. The ultimate goal is to optimize the entire lifecycle of assets—from design and construction to maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement. This holistic view enables a strategic, coordinated effort to prioritize and execute organizational goals via informed, defensible resource allocation decisions.

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Carollo’s approach to asset management focuses on embedding sustainable practices into the entire organization, creating a shift from a siloed to an enterprise-wide collaborative approach.
Felicia James, Asset Management Group Lead
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We support your needs in all asset management phases.

PHASE 1 – Lay the Foundation

  • Implementation framework
  • Program vision and strategy
  • Change management
  • ISO 55000 gap assessment
  • Implementation roadmap

PHASE 2 – Pilot and Initiate the Program

  • Condition assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Asset management plan
  • Rehabilitation and replacement needs
  • Dashboards and data management

PHASE 3 – Implement the Program

  • Staffing plan
  • Key performance measures
  • Condition and risk assessments
  • Asset management plans

Support the Program

  • Data management and reporting of master plans, financial plans, capital plans, and O&M programs
  • Support software evaluation, selection, and implementation
  • Near- and long-term spending projections
  • Funding and risk scenario comparisons

PHASE 4 – Refine the Program

  • Review progress
  • Communicate successes
  • Update policies and procedures
  • Program training and improvements

PHASE 5 – Sustain the Program

  • Owner-advisor support
  • Technical support
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Asset Management Program Implementation Services

Asset management is as much about people, data, and communication as it is about infrastructure, equipment, and facilities. Carollo’s people-focused approach to asset management gives our clients’ staff the tools to be engaged and prepared with clear and comprehensive information to help them move forward.

Whether an asset management plan, comprehensive program, or something in between, we support our clients’ needs at any or all of the typical asset management phases of implementation.

Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment Services

To be efficient with staff’s time, our team of discipline-specific leads incorporates mobile digital technology to efficiently gather condition data from the field and capture staff concerns and priorities. Our assessment forms are structured to provide consistency and repeatability while minimizing individual scoring biases. Because condition scoring is managed digitally, we are able to integrate with a wide variety of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and streamline asset management risk modeling and reporting dashboard outputs.

Asset Management Digital Tools

Digital Tools for Risk-Based Planning and Data Management

Aging infrastructure, constrained budgets, and staffing limitations require utility managers to be nimble and innovative in managing risks while balancing value to customers. Carollo’s Digital Water services facilitate the capture and sharing of institutional knowledge, streamline data management, and support the implementation of ISO 55000 asset management practices with digital analytical and reporting tools, including:

  • Customized, interactive dashboards
  • Web-based applications for data capture
  • Document management & collaboration tools
  • Quantitative risk analysis & modeling
  • Organizational & staffing resource modeling

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