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Empower Your Design With RESERVOIR®

Streamline Design Processes with Advanced Information Management

In our pursuit of excellence and efficiency in designing large municipal water treatment plants, Carollo has developed RESERVOIR® – an advanced information management tool tailored to optimize and streamline design processes across multiple disciplines.

RESERVOIR® serves as a central repository for crucial equipment details, ranging from equipment names and tag numbers to their physical locations on drawings and horsepower specifications. In addition, RESERVOIR® reads in all information from all drawings and specifications, creating the ability to automatically check and output real-time data to users to perform the highest quality designs. This centralized system provides team members with consistent and updated information, fostering unparalleled accuracy and coordination.

Features and Benefits

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data management ensures consistent information across all disciplines.

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generation of single-line drawings reduces manual design time and minimizes errors.

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coordination significantly improves the quality of design documents and expedites review processes.

How it Works

RESERVOIR® collects and organizes process equipment data into a database, which connects to a user-friendly user interface.  It gathers drawing and specification data to aid in tasks such as checking spelling, identifying missing specification and typical detail references, and checking scale, matchline, and cross-reference.

RESERVOIR®’s software produces bookmarked and hyperlinked drawing and specification sets, which help provide interim checksets and feedback to users, allowing them to fix mistakes as the design progresses. Additionally, RESERVOIR®’s equipment module automates the creation and organization of electrical load calculations and automated schedules.

Reservoir Capabilities

Quality Tools

  • PDF Management: Adds highlights, bookmarks, and hyperlinks for drawings, specifications, and typical details.
  • Automated Drawing Generation: Creates drawing lists, checks details, tags, and spellchecks.
  • Specification Checks: Verifies spec completeness and highlights key terms.
  • Quality Alerts: Flags for duplicate tags, overloaded panels, and mismatched data.
  • Integration: Works with Typit, Microstation, and Revit for standardization and cross-checking.


  • Equipment Tagging: Cross-checks drawings for consistency.
  • Schedules and Lists: Automates panelboards, valves, pumps, and other equipment schedules.
  • Custom Queries: Generates lists for typical details and service types.

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