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Webinar: Assessing the State of Knowledge and Research Needs for Stormwater Harvesting

Webinar · July 15, 2021 — July 15, 2021

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Stormwater harvesting is evolving and expanding as utilities and communities consider alternatives to increase water supplies, improve resilience of water resources, reduce pollutant loads, and find multi-benefit and innovative approaches to address regulatory and water quality challenges in the long run. Developing a better understanding of current practices, knowledge gaps, and research needs for stormwater harvesting would help expand the implementation of these practices at a national scale.

The session will provide an overview of The Water Research Foundation project 4841 and focus on the drivers and benefits of enhanced stormwater harvesting. The webcast will demonstrate a draft decision tree approach for utilities planning or refining their stormwater harvesting program, and will feature a panel discussion with utilities in different climate regions, including New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) and Tucson Water, and representatives from National Municipal Stormwater Alliance and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s National Water Reuse Action Plan.


Jim Rasmus. PE, BCEE, ENV SP, Stormwater Service Line Leader, Carollo Engineers
Elisa Garvey, PhD, PE, Water Supply Service Line Leader, Carollo Engineers


Seth Brown, PhD, PE, Executive Director, National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA)
Pinar Balci, PhD, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Environmental Planning and Analysis, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Blue Baldwin, Green Stormwater Infrastructure Program Coordinator, Tucson Water
Dave Smith, Assistant Director, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Harry Zhang, PhD, PE, Research Program Manager, The Water Research Foundation
Seth Brown, PhD, PE, Executive Director, National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA)