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Webinar: What’s the Latest on PFAS in Biosolids?

· April 27, 2022

As land application of biosolids gains traction in the wastewater industry, water regulations continue to evolve in a way that hopes to balance the benefits and risks. As emerging constituents such as PFAS become targets for this oversight, some states are beginning to monitor, analyze, and even restrict levels of PFAS in land-applied biosolids. Join Carollo’s Rashi Gupta and Jodi Barksdale on April 27 for an examination on regulatory status related to PFAS in biosolids, how PFAS is being addressed in biosolids, and potential strategies for addressing PFAS moving forward.

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Additional Details

The webinar will look at the latest information related to PFAS regulations for biosolids, state and EPA, and how the wastewater industry is reacting. In an effort to address PFAS early on, some states have started to monitor and analyze PFAS in biosolids, and a few states have implemented various levels of restrictions on land-applied biosolids. We will describe these actions and examine the potential impact of PFAS on the beneficial use of biosolids based on the latest regulatory directions, data, and research. Finally, the webinar will review upcoming studies related to PFAS in biosolids, potential technologies that are being researched relative to their ability to destroy PFAS in biosolids, and how to stay up-to-date on these efforts.

Time: April 27, 2022 01:00 PM inCentral Time (US and Canada)

Learning Objectives:

  • Get an update on the regulatory status related to PFAS in biosolids
  • Understand how PFAS is currently being addressed within biosolids
  • Review potential strategies for addressing PFAS in biosolids


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