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Take Your Next Project to CAMP®

Introducing Carollo CAMP®, an innovative approach to effective and efficient project implementation and execution. Contact your local Carollo representative or call us at (800) 523-5826, and we’ll have one of our CAMP® counselors explain how to get started.

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What is CAMP®?

Carollo CAMP® (Concentrated Accelerated Motivated Problem-Solving) is a novel new process developed by Carollo Engineers to improve project delivery for our clients. The process was originally developed internally to facilitate execution of fast track alternative delivery projects such as design-build. But, the benefits of the process were so compelling that we began implementing the technique on traditional design-bid-build projects. Our clients that used the process were so satisfied with the results that we developed the process into a universal service offering.

CAMP® is a technique to optimize stakeholder participation, make decisions, solidify process criteria, and critically evaluate the design. It is a structured, repeatable process that yields results. Through a facilitated approach, the combined experiences of key personnel from the client organization, Carollo, and other specialists are leveraged over a short, concentrated effort to accelerate project development. When decades of experience are leveraged together in an organized fashion, the quality and speed of decision-making are dramatically enhanced. A typical CAMP® takes approximately 5 days, but results in advancing a project from 5% complete to nearly 30% complete.

What CAMP® is not

CAMP® is NOT a “traditional” meeting or a workshop, but rather a process where WORK gets done and decisions get made.

How is CAMP® unique?

CAMP® is a rigorous approach. Each step has been tested and demonstrated in the real world on actual projects. But CAMP® is not entirely empirical either. The process employs structured, decision-making modeling to validate the outcomes. It is the combination of the right expertise, brought together at the right time, with the right preparation, and the right decision making tools that make CAMP® unique.

What projects might be CAMP® candidates?

Any project is a potential candidate for the CAMP® process. Strong candidates include projects where schedule, cost structure, alternative delivery, and other strategic considerations might warrant CAMP®ing. For example:

  • Design/Build
  • Simple/Single Element Designs
  • Larger/Complex

What tools are available?

Carollo has a list of resources that bring the CAMP® process to life. These include:

  • A complete CAMP® guidebook
  • CAMP® Overview Memorandum
  • A reference guide to help determine whether your project is a good candidate for the CAMP® process
  • Pre-CAMP® Activities and Tasks Checklist
  • “Sample” Detailed Typical CAMP® Activity Schedule (for a typical 5-day CAMP®)
  • Detailed Checklists for target decisions, and deliverable goals
  • CAMP® Gear, Templates & Procedures

Take your project to CAMP®