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Carollo, Lee County Utilities Honored with AWWA Best Paper Award

Ble Plan-It

Congratulations to the Carollo and Lee County Utilities team for winning a Best Paper Award by the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association. The paper describes the steps LCU took to develop a planning model of LCU’s potable water system and ensure that their 300,000 customers have an uninterrupted and reliable water supply. Current and future supply capacities were modeled using Carollo’s Blue Plan-it® simulation, optimization, and decision-support tool. The model, which incorporates the utility’s growth projections, capacity analyses, permitted supply quantities, assets, and redundancy can be updated and refined as supply and demand shift over the years.

Congratulations go to Carollo’s Nicole CohenJennifer Nyfennegger, PhD, PE, and Charlie He, PE, and Lee County Utilities’ Charlie Duverge, PE,  Henry Barroso, and Tyler Weinand, PG.

Click here to read the paper: A Roadmap to Modeling a Source Water System