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Suspended Ion Exchange: City of Tampa Demonstrates Exciting Alternative for Total Organic Carbon Removal

When the City of Tampa decided to evaluate the viability of an organics-removal technology brand new to the U.S., they and Carollo Engineers knew that standard piloting protocols would not be enough.

Suspended ion exchange (SIX®), a Netherland-born advanced water treatment technology, was not only untested in the states but had never been used against the aggressive and variable levels of total organic carbon (TOC) observed in the City’s surface water source, the Hillsborough River.

In this article, Carollo co-authors Melanie Pickett, Vinnie Hart, Tyler Smith, and others, explain how the pilot not only gained decisive data on SIX’s effectiveness in consistently removing TOC to help meet the City’s finished water goal of 2 milligrams per liter but also solved some of the David L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility’s costliest historical problems, including improving coagulation, slashing chemical costs, and determining the primary cause of filter headloss. The robust data now informs SIX’s full-scale design and continues to be referenced for enhanced operations.

Read the article in the Florida Water Resources Journal: