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Colorado Springs explores direct potable reuse

Direct Potable Reuse Demo

In the face of the first ever water shortage on the Colorado River, the City of Colorado Springs is exploring how direct potable reuse can help it maintain the resilience of its water systems in the face of future drought conditions. If adopted, direct potable use regulations would allow cities to provide reuse purified wastewater as drinking water.

To introduce the idea to residents, a first-of-its-kind mobile carbon-based direct potable reuse demonstration system purifies recycled water to drinking water standards without producing a waste stream needing disposal — and can travel to sites across the state.

Spearheaded by Colorado Springs Utilities, the Carollo-designed system was constructed inside a trailer by the Colorado School of Mines. The Colorado Water Conservation Board contributed funding in support of advancing sustainable water use strategies. Now operating in Colorado Springs, the demonstration seeks to advance community awareness and a regulatory framework for direct potable reuse in Colorado.