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PFAS In Potable Reuse: Crisis Or Non-Issue?

Authors: Eva Steinle-Darling

Water & Wastes Digest

Over the past few decades, potable reuse has emerged from obscurity and is now generally accepted as a potential source of new water supply. Potable reuse is a compelling water supply option in many water-stressed places because it is both local and drought resistant. Even parts of the U.S. not typically considered water-short are now pursuing potable reuse because it can provide the dual benefits of water supply and nutrient discharge avoidance. Still, potable reuse sometimes suffers from lingering issues with public perception. Given the recent impact of PFAS on other aspects of the water and wastewater industry, it is important to determine the consequences potential new regulation and new public awareness of PFAS will have for potable reuse projects.

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Steinle-Darling, E. “PFAS In Potable Reuse: Crisis Or Non-Issue?.” Water & Wastes Digest, 59(4),24-30, 2020.