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There’s more to water than meets the eye—more than the science, more than the technology. There are the families and communities we serve, the ecosystems we protect, and the employees that embody what it means to be part of Carollo.

Humble Beginnings

In the heart of the arid Southwest, Carollo Engineers had its humble beginnings. The year was 1933, during the challenging economic climate of the Great Depression. It was then that our founder, John Carollo, forged a visionary partnership with engineers Sam Headman and Ben Ferguson, and founded Headman, Ferguson, and Carollo. The foundation of our values was laid in those trying times–a commitment to hard work, unwavering dedication to quality engineering, and a relentless focus on serving our clients.

Seeing the Bigger Picture for 90 Years

In the decades since, we have designed resilient systems that have withstood the tests of time, supplied water for growing cities, and engineered cutting edge treatment plants that protect our environment.

Today, our footprint stretches across North America, as we tackle the ever-evolving challenges of water management and resilience.

But our work is not done. As we celebrate our 90th Anniversary with pride and gratitude, we are also propelled by this milestone to keep reaching for an even better future for us all.

It doesn’t get any bigger than that.

A Common Passion

We’ve had the privilege of partnering with our clients to deliver some of North America’s most critical water projects. These partnerships have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in water management, ensuring that communities thrive and ecosystems flourish.

Our journey is more than the sum of its parts; it’s a testament to the power of collective effort and shared vision. That shared vision has transformed the landscape of water management and continues to drive positive change for future generations.

Our story is not just about water; it’s about people.

It’s about the thousands of dedicated Carollo employees, from the field to the lab and the office, who share a common passion for making a difference. They are the heart of our success, the driving force behind the transformations we create every day. That’s why we empower our employees to think beyond boundaries, to shape the future of water management and resilience, and carry Carollo’s rich legacy forward.

From the Pacific to the Atlantic, and everywhere in between, our 90th-anniversary brought employees together to celebrate a truly unforgettable milestone.