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Proactive Emergency: Replacing Daytona Beach’s Most Critical Water Pipe

Authors: Richards, S., Smith, E., Abram, M.

Florida Water Resources Journal, December 2020

FWRJ Magazine Cover

Like many utilities in the U.S., the City of Daytona Beach supplies water to their approximately 70,000 residents through a single regional water treatment facility, the Brennan Water Treatment Plant. Constructed in 1972, this facility discharges water through one 36-inch pipe, which manifolds seven high-service pumps that deliver all finished water to customers. Despite serving as the critical link between the City and its only source of water, this 45-year-old header pipe’s condition was rapidly deteriorating, posing the serious risk of a single point of failure.

Read about the $1.7-million project that the City undertook to replace this at-risk infrastructure and reliably maintain the City’s only water supply.